Event Name Who was at it? Where did it happen? Date
DANCEROID in Macau Comic Festival 2012 Ikura, Maamu, & Yuzuki Macau Comic Fes. (2012) 2012
Danceroid Auditions All Varies Varies
Nico Nico Dance Master DANCEROID3,etc. Wall House, etc. Anually
Nico Douga Tour DANCEROID1 Various -
Voca Nico Night DANCEROID3, DANCEROID4, etc. Various Anually
Mikunopolis Kozue & Ikura L.A., California -
Danceroid Fes.
Danceroid Party
DR Revolution
Anime Expo
Anime Con
J-pop Summit Fes. Kozue & Ikura

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