【候補生全員】DANCEROIDオーディションダンス動画 2012.1001:27

【候補生全員】DANCEROIDオーディションダンス動画 2012.10.15


The video above depicts 11 semo-finalists for the DANCEROID4 auditions. Which are as fallows: Ikura, Maamu, Yuzuki, Manako, Sakurai Koharu, Motomiya Marie, SHOKO, Satsuki, Hiiragi Rio, Yakko, and Bime Taisa. The finalists are as fallows: No. 1 - Ikura, No. 2 - Maamu, No. 3 - Yuzuki, No. 4 - Manako, No. 6 - Motomiya Marie, No. 8 - Satsuki, and No. 10 - Yakko.

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